Gaming 🕹️

With billions of dollars in revenue generated each year, gaming is a massive industry.

New technologies emerge basically every day, and future innovations in the gaming industry are more than certain.

Virtual and augmented reality are two huge technologies that have already made their way into the gaming world, but they have only just begun their reign in the industry.

Imagine a game that uses brainwaves to control gameplay or one that incorporates haptic feedback to make you feel like you’re actually in the game world. This is mind-boggling to most but makes sense if you study your heart out!🧠

Another exciting innovation is the rise of AI-powered games which are learning and adapting to a player’s behavior, creating a unique gaming experience every time. If you thought gaming was addicting before, think again.

Also with the rise of blockchain technology, we are seeing new types of gaming economies and markets emerge, creating new opportunities for players and developers alike. It sounds weird saying this but there is big money to be made playing crypto games. Play on!!😂

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